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4 Ways To Buy A Wedding Ring

It’s almost wedding season and we can’t wait to celebrate as couples proclaim their everlasting love, often with the exchanging of rings. But, why a ring? Why the left hand? Why the fourth finger? There’s much about the history of the best Las Vegas wedding rings that remains a mystery, but here’s what Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company uncovered.

My fiancé and I had gone ring shopping at the wedding ring shop and they are absolutely wonderful! Very professional and classy! When you go, request LISHA WU! She was our salesperson and she is amazing!! She is fun, friendly, and she is very diligent. She won’t stop until she finds the perfect ring for you. Even after you leave, she texts you and keeps you posted on the search for your perfect diamond. She is very easy to talk to and she will find you your perfect ring! Lisha kept us informed of all the tacori events that took place at the WRS and she helped us to get the best price for the best ring. Totally recommend her!!! She is awesome!

Pay close attention, this is quite technical. Remember when your teacher said you would need that periodic table that hung in your science class, well now is when you need. The periodic table of elements lists Palladium as 46 PD between rhodium and silver. Palladium is a metal that is in the platinum family group. (Silver and gold are not in the group) Palladium is just less dense than platinum, but like platinum is more resistant to tarnish than other metals. Palladium is always mined with Platinum, so they are usually together until we separate for wedding ring sets

It is important you know what to look for since you will be wearing your wedding band for a lifetime. It is appropriate to choose a ring that fits your lifestyle, personality, is comfortable to wear and fits within the budget. For those seeking a traditional metal: platinum, gold and palladium are always timeless choices. When looking for an alternative material that offers superior strength then consider titanium, tungsten, palladium or ceramic. Do you prefer a classic white metal look at a contemporary price than cobalt chrome, silver and white tungsten rings are perfect options. If you’re looking to save, check out stainless steel or wood, but if it’s a luxury you want, diamonds are an ideal finishing touch to any band.

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